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How to get your adult on

How to get your adult on

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As a child, there are countless things that you look forward to about becoming an adult, such as being able to drive. However, growing up also brings greater responsibility.

You’re constantly faced with having to make decisions that will impact your future, as well as managing bills, assessments social events and family commitments.

Decision-making is an essential aspect of adult life, so here are five tips to help you make sustainable adult decisions:

#1 Budget

Money-related decisions can be the hardest to make and it often comes down to what you can and cannot afford. Creating a budget will keep you on top of your money management!

When creating your budget don’t forget to include essentials such as car insurance, medical bills, groceries, any loan repayments, rent, other bills and  any unexpected expenses that pop up.

#2 Consider everything

Before making decisions, consider all of your options carefully. Research and consulting others may take time but it will help you narrow down to the best option, maybe even one you weren’t sure of before.

#3 Prioritise

Things always seem to happen at the same time and all of a sudden you’re pulled between numerous events and commitments.

Make this part of adulthood simpler by learning to prioritise. Consider the importance and value of each to-do task and event in your calendar, so you’ll be able to easily decide where you should be spending your time.

#4 Plan

Write down important dates in a diary or calendar, including when bills are due, assessment deadlines, birthdays and session dates. This will help you know what is happening and when.

Create lists of activities that need to be completed urgently and those that you would like to do. List all lectures and tutorials on a timetable and hang it in a visible location, so you know what and when you need to attend.

#5 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When the going gets tough, there is always support available. CSU provides counselling services, financial support and most teaching staff are very understanding and willing to help you out.

Remember to call out when you need it because if no one knows you are struggling, no one can help you!

There is no doubt that adulting can sometimes be difficult and stressful. Following these simple steps may make your university life a little easier.

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