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Know your library!

Know your library!

With millions of resources available through Primo Search, the library databases and Google Scholar, the task of locating reliable, scholarly information can be confronting.​
Your Library and Librarians are here to help you hone your research skills and be your getaway space to study and do assessments. Here are just four ways they can help:
1. Online Library Workshops
Online Library Workshops: You can sign up for workshops on topics such as eBook use, finding journal articles, as well as wrangling EndNote. Register online now!
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2. Self-help videos
We have a series of short videos to help you complete a topic analysis, locate peer-reviewed resources and evaluate the information you discover.
3. Personalised Support​​​​​​​​
Whether you’re studying on campus or online, we offer personalised support. Our librarians are available to connect with you one-on-one in the Library, over the phone, chat or via email. No appointment necessary!
4. Ideal Study Spot
With uni full swing, the library is the perfect place to escape your housemates or dorm living to get the peace and quiet to get all of your assessments and study done as exams quickly approach. Most of our on campus libraries have different areas for you to study with others or by yourself, fitting to your study needs.

Library study locations

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