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Tell us your thoughts on the new CSU homepage!

Tell us your thoughts on the new CSU homepage!

There is a new CSU homepage coming with many new perks and features. Get a sneak peek here and tell us what you think!

The CSU homepage is being improved, keeping up with the rest of the CSU online environment. Key improvements have been based on user feedback from YOU, expert reviews and competitor research, aiming to make it the best space for all students to use!

Some of the newest features of the homepage include:

  • a clean uncluttered design
  • an updated main navigation to improve find-ability for key audience groups
  • an emphasis on CSU key messages and testimonials to build credibility and trust
  • prominent placement of course information, and easy entry points to search
  • action orientated content categories and clear calls to action

Visit the new homepage here and provide feedback via the popup window that will appear.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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