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How to level up your CV over summer

How to level up your CV over summer

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by Jenna Verhoeven

Summer is the perfect time to get a foot in front of the crowd. While our qualifications will show our knowledge, future employers also want to see our experience and how we apply that knowledge. I’ve put together a list of three things you can do over this season, to level up your CV and leave a good impression at your next interview.

1. Volunteering

Volunteering doesn’t just have to look like building a well or saving the world. There are so many organisations that need more hands on deck over the holiday season with some skill-specific roles and others just needing someone willing.

  • Skill-specific roles. These are a bit harder to find but look great on your CV and will help you upskill. For example, if you’re an accounting student, then volunteering your time to work on the books for an organisation would be great experience. Or volunteer for St Johns, if you’re studying a health course.
  • Be a friendly face. While general volunteer positions may not be in your industry, it will tell your future employer that you are community driven, committed, compassionate and willing to go the extra mile.

My one word of advice, make sure you do something that you truly care about or are genuinely interested in. Doing something you don’t like will only make it a chore and a hassle. I volunteered for the Blackmores Running Festival this year. As a fellow runner who couldn’t join in, I loved taking the time to talk to the attendees on expo day. It was the easiest 11 hour shift I have ever worked in my life, because I truly enjoyed what I was doing.

2. Internships

Interning positions can be tricky to find and score but when you do land one, they reap huge benefits. It gets you relevant experience. You’re in the field and on the ground, making contacts and networking. Interning is a great way to help you solidify  where you want your degree to take you. This is even more important in degrees which have many sub-categories you can specialise in.

Did you know CSU can also help you organise and fund internships or work placements? There are scholarships available for placements and your course directors can assist you with insurance, contacts and accommodation, depending on what you need!

3. Travel

There are a few pockets of ‘unaccounted time’ in my  CV that show when I was travelling internationally. I was afraid how future employers would read this – can’t commit to a job, has no ties, nomad, hippy. But, it turned out to be of benefit. Travel can show an employer that you have:

  • Good organisational skills
  • Willingness to try new challenges
  • Adaptability and perseverance
  • Smart budget skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Networking and rapport building skills

Travel will look good on your CV and can really help your personal and professional development. You will be amazed at what you can do when push really comes to shove.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s not too late to find a summer internship or plan a quick jaunt overseas. With Christmas around the corner, there are a lot of food vans and halls in need of an extra set of hands and a kind face.

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