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10 things to do if you’re feeling lonely

10 things to do if you’re feeling lonely

The Eiffel tower is a beautiful bold structure that everyone wants to visit, but have you ever noticed how isolated it is from the other buildings? Sometimes, we feel isolated too. So, here are 10 things you can do when you start to feel like an Eiffel tower.

  1. Start small: whether you send a text to a friend or talk to a new face at Uni, starting small can lead to future friendships and broader opportunities. You could even start with your customers or co-workers!
  2. Join a club: hanging out with people who have similar interests can help you feel more connected in society, and doing more of what you love is a bonus! CSU has plenty of clubs you can join or start your own.
  3. Get active: behind the wall blocking your motivation to exercise is a healthier, refreshed you! And whether it be a new gym or a cycling club, meeting new people is an added benefit to the many pros of exercising.
  4. Get online: Social media is a great way to get into contact with people on the web. Reaching out to people online can be less daunting that face-to-face, making it easier to start up a new conversation.
  5. Schedule your social: aim to do something social once a week, it will destress you from daily commitments and help you remain connected.
  6. Try online gaming: there are many free games available online that are really fun to play and feature chats where you can interact with people. 
  7. Write it down: writing can actually battle your feelings of loneliness, like an escape. Whether you’re starting a journal or writing as a hobby, get your thoughts out of your mind and onto paper.
  8. Hang out with a furry friend: spend quality time with your pet (or your relative’s pet, if you don’t have one) to enjoy their company and share some lovin’ 
  9. Volunteer: Not only does this look fantastic on your resume, but it you get to contribute to society in a meaningful way. For example, Ronal McDonald house in Wagga Wagga are currently looking for volunteers!
  10. Take yourself out: Spend quality time doing what you love or simply enjoying your own company. Whether you go to the cinema to watch a new film, try a new restaurant in town, explore new things or just go for a walk – you deserve it!
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