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On-campus Vinnies

On-campus Vinnies

by Annabelle Chisholm, Sustainability Advisor – Port Macquarie

CSU Green presents On-campus Vinnies! Here at our Port Macquarie Campus, we’ve recently installed a free-standing clothes rack where students can donate clothes that they might not want or need and, in turn, others can bag a great piece that might have otherwise been left in the back of our closets.

Our On-Campus Vinnies makes it easier for you to reduce waste, reuse other materials and recycle your own clothes. And it has been proven to be a hit! Many dresses, shorts, shoes and even costumes have come and gone over the months we’ve been running this initiative, with positive feedback from our students to support it.

Since our Clothes Rack has been such a great success for recycling clothes, we’re furthering our efforts into recyclable goods. During our end-of-year clean out, students will have the opportunity to donate clothes and other goods to our local recycling centres, to help-out those who need it most.

Across Australia we send 6000kg of clothing waste to landfill every 10 minutes so its great to see you helping to reduce this awful statistic!

Thanks for keeping up with Port Macquarie’s CSU Green team, don’t forget to reduce, reuse and recycle!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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