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How to prepare for exams

How to prepare for exams

Do you put in long hours to prepare for exams? Do you procrastinate because you get anxious and overwhelmed? Here’s how to prepare so you can your keep exam stress under control for this upcoming exam season:

Revision Skills

Revision is an important skill for your studies, especially leading up to and during exams.

While cramming may be a popular revision technique, it is proven that it is not the best way to get all of your knowledge you need to know into your head.

Two things you can do starting from now:

  1. Revise as you go – put your study notes together during the final half of semester, not just the day before to help you retain what you learn and avoid stress and cramming.
  2. Revision timetable – similar to a study timetable, make a revision timetable to organise topics and keep you on track to smash your exams!

Find ways to stay calm

Being calm is a good way to stay relaxed. Do whatever you find relaxing, whether it be catching up with friends, watching Netflix, exercising or a good sleep.

Doing these things can improve your study and help you avoid stress – who doesn’t like that!?

Keep things in perspective.

Exam time can be stressful. But whatever happens, it is not the end of the world. It is only an exam after all, and there are many to improve afterwards if it is needed.

Things to help you with keeping things in perspective include:

  • Turn things around – now is the perfect time to get ready! Once you feel ready, you will be in good shape for your exams.
  • Remind yourself of what is going well – the end might seem so far away, but remember the things are going great and reward yourself for them.
  • See every situation as a learning opportunity – mistakes will be made. That is a fact of life. But you can learn from every mistake you make. You will be better as a result.

More information

You can find out more information by attending an Addressing exam anxiety and stress presentation.

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