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Little unknown tips to help you save

Little unknown tips to help you save

Here’s the how-to on taking control of your money to get through Uni:

  1. Slash your food budget!
    Check what food you’ve got stashed in the cupboard. Then, create a meal plan for the WHOLE week, including snack items. Make dinners that create instant leftover lunches, or cook on Sunday to be sorted for the week.
  2. Make your own coffee!
    Use the reusable Keep Cup, get up five minutes earlier and easily save around $30 per week.
  3. Bring snacks
    A piece of fruit, homemade popcorn (it’s easy and cheap) or some yoghurt in a reusable container (buy the mega size and portion out) will keep you going between classes and stop you reaching for your wallet.
  4. Ditch your gym membership
    The on-campus gym is free for all students! And go for a brisk walk around the lake with a friend to get the blood pumping without the expense.
  5. Get creative with your social life
    Meet up for coffee rather than a meal, or opt for a $10 lunch over an expensive dinner. Even entertain at home!  Yes, you will have to clean up, but it is fun, easy and cheap. Do a huge platter of dips, crackers, cheese, and fruit and let your guests bring beverages.
  6. Fall in love with your library
    Heating, comfy lounges, books for leisure reading, study rooms and WIFI. CSU library’s have all you need to set yourself up for a productive day without having to use up your heater at home.
  7. Car Pool
    Yes, it is efficient and easy to drive to class. But petrol is expensive. Other students are also inwardly moaning every time they fill up, so get organised and get saving.
  8. Save those cents
    Log in every day and transfer the “extra” cents into your separate savings account. For example, if you have $295.80 in your account transfer the 80 cents. You can also round it to the nearest whole number to save more. You will barely feel the change in your account, but your savings will quickly add up.

Financial skills workshops

To become a pro-saver, register for CSU’s free Financial Skills Workshops now!

  1. Make a spending plan workshop: Monday 30 July 1pm
  2. Plan your workplace learning budget workshop: Wednesday 1 August 1pm

The workshops will be held via the online meeting tool and will equip you with financial life skills to take you through Uni and into your future. From how to track your spending to knowing what expenses to expect while at Uni, you’ll be saving in no time! Register here and find out more information.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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