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Meet James Wickham

Meet James Wickham

Meet Dr James Wickham –

Lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology at CSU, Dr Wickham is using his research and knowledge to impact lives around the world.

Dr Wickham is working with the Melbourne Stem Cell Centre to investigate stem cell therapy for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

4 million people in Australia have osteoarthritis. This world-first research aims to reduce the negative effects of osteoarthritis and has the potential to lead to pain-free lives.

In May, the first participants had their stem cell injections which showed significant improvements, including increased functionality and decreased pain.

“People are ringing up and saying I’m sleeping through the night now without any pain, I’m walking up hills fine, I’m going down stairs. It’s dramatic improvements in people’s lives, this stem cell therapy,” says Dr Wickham.

As one of the leading investigators in this research, his goal is to have a stem cell product readily available off the shelf for people to use.

“I’m so excited about this research because hopefully I’m involved in something that’s dramatically affecting a lot of people,” says James.

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