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How you can improve your leadership skills

How you can improve your leadership skills

By Christopher Morris, STRIVE participant.

STRIVE is a CSU leadership program that helps student leaders develop their leadership skills. Read on for my experience of the course:

What led you to STRIVE?

When I first heard of STRIVE, I thought it would be too much of a commitment on top of my studies. That is, until I ran into the course facilitator, Kerry Silverson, at the Wellness and Wellbeing expo earlier this year. As she told me more about the program, it sounded so great that I signed up there and then! I even started working through the first module on my phone while at the expo. It was the course’s flexibility and practical design, which drew on my real experiences, that attracted me to pursue the program and encouraged me to reflect on my own leadership practice.

What does STRIVE involve?

To complete the program, you must complete:

  • 6 required modules
  • 4 elective modules

The modules are based on self-reflection about various aspects of leadership and how to embrace your personal strengths and leadership style. These modules have helped me to identify my areas of strength, inexperience, weakness, and most importantly how I can improve them.

How has the program impacted your leadership?

I am confident that I am a more conscientious leader and group member because of the guidance and learning from STRIVE. I am in my fourth year of study for a Bachelor of Education (K-12), and I have found the content extremely relevant to my learning and future ambitions.

The most beneficial module for me was “Personality, Brand and Values”, as it’s an area of leadership that I hadn’t seriously considered prior to STRIVE. To me, this is the purpose of STRIVE: to illustrate a wide range of leadership characteristics for student leaders and commence students on an effective path for personal and professional growth.

What would you tell other students about STRIVE?

I recommend STRIVE to all ambitious CSU students, no matter what field they intend on entering. STRIVE has given me a start for developing aspects of leadership that are pertinent to education, but not included in teacher training. Now I have a head-start on my leadership and professional development; I know how to maximise my skill set, as well as assist my colleagues in doing the same.

If you’d like to improve your leadership and team skills, STRIVE is for you! Register NOW to get a head start during this session break.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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