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8 people to add to your new support network on-campus

8 people to add to your new support network on-campus

Residence Life student leaders

One of the best things about studying on-campus is the amount of support available just for you. There is a wide range of people ready to help with living on-campus, studying and life as a uni student. So, add these people to the top of your support network:

  1. Student Central: This is your first point of contact at CSU. They can be reached via AskCSU online, email, phone and there is an office located on each campus. The team can assist with enrolment, timetables, residential matters and more.  
  2. Residential Advisors (RA): All dorms have an RA, who is a senior student, and has been trained to offer you guidance and support as you navigate through residence life. Along with training, they also have the ‘been there, done that’ experience so they are your first port of call for even the smallest of matters (such as how to use the washing machine!)
  3. Res Tutors: Also in your dorms is a Residential Tutor – a senior student responsible for supporting academic matters. They organise weekly study sessions on your residence and can be contacted throughout the year for referencing help, research tips or to simply pass on motivation for assignments and exams.
  4. Res Life staff: Located on each campus is the Res Life Office, where you visit regarding residence matters. Staff can answer all your questions from logistics to finances.
  5. Counsellors: When balancing study with your life gets difficult or a situation arises, CSU’s Counselling Service, with qualified staff, is available to provide help, support, coping strategies and a friendly ear to talk to throughout your time on campus
  6. Student Liaison Officers: This team is available to assist in enhancing your uni experience. Staff are specialised in this range of services – academic advice, clubs, disability, equity, events, finance, mentoring, sport, student representation and more.
  7. ALLaN team: The Academic Literacy, Learning and Numeracy Team can be contacted seven days a week for free academic support services. Ask them to proof-read your essays, double-check your referencing or give you tips to be uni ready for next session.
  8. Campus Security: It goes without saying to save security contacts to your favourites! Each campus has security prepared to assist you 24/7. Their services include patrolling campus, safely escorting you after dark, providing first aid assistance and responding to reports and emergencies. You should also add the CSUSafe shortcut to your smartphone so you can access security at the touch of a button.

With these contacts you’ll be immersed in support, feel safe and protected, and be looked after in the times you need it most.

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