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How to ace study while you exercise

How to ace study while you exercise

Yet another year of study has well and truly dawned. Which means back to the intensity of juggling our social lives, work, study, friends and family. One problem many of us have in common is finding the time to incorporate regular exercise into our study routine – a problem that #BetterInRed has kicked to the curb.

But just because the challenge is coming to an end, doesn’t mean you need to let go of those healthy habits you’ve been working so hard towards. Fear not fellow students, as studying doesn’t have to be all bums on seats. Here are five real-life examples of how you can study and move at the same time.

Circulation | Listening | Lecture Room

Just like being in an aeroplane for hours, sitting still for too long in a lecture can be offset by rolling your feet, lifting them up and down, side taps, waving your toes, and gentle jiggles.

Stretch | Researching | Library

Library marathons can seem like a weekly occurrence during busy study periods. If you’re reading, try some simple stretches like tilting your head all the way down to your left and then to the right. As well as forwards and backwards. Make sure you stand up every half-hour stretch out that locked up body. Watch the clock and aim to stretch for at least five minutes, paying close attention to both sides of your body.

Walk | Brainstorming | Campus

Use your campus as a walking track. Invite a friend to walk around the campus to debrief on a recent lecture, quiz each other for an upcoming exam or brainstorm how you might tackle a major assessment. This walk and talk approach is fun, social and might even be your secret weapon. Tip: if you’re feeling ambitious, add in some stairs.

Bike | Type | Home

We spend hours bashing away at our keyboards to get our work done, so why not attach a laptop stand to an exercise bike or treadmill? You’re best to watch a few online tutorials first though, to avoid any injuries.

Hula Hooping | Online lecture | Anywhere

As a student studying through CSU online, this is a personal favourite of mine. Set-up your online lecture, position your laptop on a high bench or stack it on books. Now get hula-hooping and put your hands on your head. This is a great way to work your core, while learning at the same time.

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