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Why Easter is the best holiday ever

Why Easter is the best holiday ever

Child about to eat Easter bunnies.
Child about to eat Easter bunnies. Retrieved:

Easter – a holiday that’s well known, yet not given a wrap like Christmas. But why? We get more time off work over Easter (even more than Christmas), often spend it holidaying somewhere, and let’s not even start on the chocolate. It’s actually never ending, dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and now Malteaser Easter bunnies? It only gets better each year.

Here’s a list of why Easter is possibly the best holiday and why you should be looking forward to it:

  1. You get a four day weekend.
  2. You can eat as much chocolate as you like and you won’t get judged. You can actually eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no one will blink an eye. Dessert too.
  3. Not only can you eat as much chocolate as you like, but you can pretty much eat anything and everything and no one will judge. Because they’re doing the exact same thing. And calories don’t count on holidays.
  4. Easter egg hunts. Who doesn’t love beating their siblings and not sharing any of your winnings?
  5. Most families spend the Easter holiday camping or fishing, bringing out the Aussie in all of us.
  6. You get to spend the weekend with your family. This one is especially good for the uni students who might not get to see their family during study periods. So after four days with them you’re usually cured and ready to get back to uni.
  7. If you have younger family members, nothing is better than seeing the excitement on their faces when they realise the Easter Bunny has been.
  8. Hot. Cross. Buns. Why oh why are they only available in the lead up to Easter? If you didn’t think they could get any better, they now come in chocolate flavour. If you’re smart, then you’ve probably already starting stocking the freezer to get you through until next Easter.
  9. Gifts are optional. It’s not Christmas and it’s not someone’s birthday, so do you really have to gift give for Easter? No. And that’s the best part. It’s completely up to you whether you buy Easter presents or not. Maybe just throw your boyfriend or girlfriend a packet of Cadbury eggs. You won’t break the budget that way.
  10. And even though gifts are optional, you will always receive something off your Mum and Dad. Because what else are parents for?
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