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You know you’re a second year when…

You know you’re a second year when…

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You know you're a second year when

by Amy Carlon

So you’ve finished your first year of studies at CSU and are moving into your second year. You’re no longer a first-year but you’re not on the downhill run to graduation either. You know you’re a second year when…

You freak out because you’re not sure if you’re doing the right course

You feel like it’s now or never. Should I stick out this degree I spent a year studying or try something new? What if I’m not meant to be studying this course? You soon realise this is like a mid-uni crisis and you’re definitely over-thinking it.

You feel invincible for making it through first-year

You were like a fish out of water in first-year but you’ve caught on and now you know the ropes. You know how to ‘uni’, you’ve established a group of friends, and you know what’s required in your studies. Not to mention you no longer get lost on campus (the biggest win of all).

You feel kind of old now

You’re no longer a first-year, fresh out of high school or working. Reality has set in, you’re now an adult, doing adult duties and planning for an adult future (yuck).

You feel like you should put more effort into your studies

You realise it’s time to step up your game. By now you’ve probably found a casual job to get you by, meaning you start missing out on some of the regular social activities. But hey, you have some cash for once.

You moved into a share house 

You have to buy furniture, clean up for yourself and buy your own food. By this time you’ve learnt how to cook a couple of meals and maybe even wash your own clothes. You start to think of your parents as superheros, because how could they possibly work AND have time for life?

You’ve accepted the fact that you’re going to be poor for a couple more years yet

So, you’ve got casual job. But somehow you still can’t save. You’re dedicated to your studies (and uni night), so money will continue to be scarce for the next few years. But you’re not stressed, because it will all be worth it once you finally get your degree to land you a job.

Your friends are now also your family

You’ve settled in and made a home away from home. The friends you met in first-year are now a part of your big uni family in your campus city. And these people are one of the main reasons you had such a memorable first-year.

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