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How to make friends at uni 101

How to make friends at uni 101

CSU students/staff painting at an activity at O Week.
CSU students/staff painting at an activity at O Week. Image: CSU Social Team

Whether you’re quiet and reserved, or a social butterfly, making friends at university can be both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. But university is a great place to reconnect with old friends, expand your current friendship group or to meet brand new people. Lots of students move away from home to study at CSU, so even if you don’t know anyone to start with, there are sure to be other people looking for friends too!

Having a couple of new friends by your side will also give you someone to help find your way around campus, work out what textbooks to buy and figure out Interact2 – so the whole experience of starting uni will be less daunting.

Here are some tips to nail that first impression and make some life-long friends at uni.

Sit with other students

Whether you’re attending your first lecture with 200 other students, walking into a tutorial full of strange faces, or studying in the library – introduce yourself! Go out of your way to get to know your classmates because they’re probably just as nervous as you. You’ll probably end up sitting with them next week too.

Join clubs

Joining clubs around campus is a great way to meet new people, participate in activities that interest you and make new friends. During O Week, sign up to anything and everything that catches your eye. Don’t worry if you miss something either, just keep an eye out for ‘Club Day’ early in Session 1.

Turn group work into a social activity

Group work can be tricky as your classmates can live in different towns, work different hours or have different class times. So turn group work into a group coffee date! Catch up off campus and you’ll get to know one another better and might even get some study done too.

Join CSUSocial

CSUSocial is a Facebook group exclusively for CSU students. You can ask questions, gain advice, as well as share your own ideas. Just look for the widget on your Student Portal home page to join. You might find someone to carpool with, a study partner, or even someone who shares your view on the best food at Crave.

Play sport

CSU Sport offers all kinds of sporting activities from touch football, foosball and even ultimate Frisbee. Join a club, make some friends and get some exercise all at once.

Follow your passion

If you’re studying journalism, apply for a cadetship with the University’s 2MCE community radio station. If you’re an international student, join the International Students Association. Finding opportunities within the University will allow you to share your passion with other students while making new friends.

So there’s your A-Z on making friends at uni! For more information about making friends, visit the Student Portal for ideas on how to get involved.

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