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The difference between online and on campus students

The difference between online and on campus students

Online student catching up on some study
Online student studying in her home. Image source: CSU Image

With online study continuing to grow, have you ever wondered how online students are different to those who study on campus? We turned to the Student Central team to give us insight into the different questions they receive from CSU online student’s vs on campus.

  1. Online students have more questions

It’s not always different questions – you often get the same ones, just more frequently. As an online student you might not get the chance to ask your classmate about some little thing that’s been on your mind, so Student Central are the go-to guys. These students often also need more help navigating the website. Online students ask a lot about Interact2 (the web-based learning environment) – how to access it and how to navigate it. How to submit an assignment is a common question too.

  1. They might be across the country, or even the world

They could be in France for all we know. You can study anywhere when you study online, so it can be fun to imagine where people are studying from.

  1. Computer skills range

Some people might not be up to speed with the latest and greatest in computer use and navigating the internet for a range of reasons and it just means Student Central is there on the other end to give them the friendly advice they need to get their study done.

  1. The student base is diverse

You can’t forget about the sheer range of diversity at CSU. There’s no age too old to study. A 95 year old man once called, graduating with his PHD for the fifth time. He was lovely, and wanted to know if he had to attend his graduation ceremony or not. I told him he could graduate in absentia.

  1. It’s not face-to-face

People who live on campus are able to talk to their friends or fellow students. They can even walk into Student Central and talk to someone in person, whereas online students can’t do that. Which is why CSU try to make it as flexible and easy as possible to study online with online lectures, tutorials and resources. Plus, you can always call Student Central for help, we’re only a phone call away.

Call Student Central on 1800 275 278 to have your questions answered. Alternatively you can look up your answer at ASKCSU.

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