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Tough and Up!

Tough and Up!

It is perfectly ok to not feel ok
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By Natasha Bailo

It’s a sad fact that one in four individuals suffer from mental illness, with the highest rate occurring in those aged 18-24 years. Someone close to you may be having a hard time, yet you may not have even realised.

In light of bringing awareness to mental illness, Charles Sturt University (CSU) and Riverina Bluebell recently presented ‘TOUGH and UP: How to Build Resilience”. The well-being and resilience information night encouraged people to seek assistance and get help for a friend, a loved one or for themselves.

Matthew Johnstone from the Black Dog Institute and Wagga Wagga local Samantha Brunskill were guest speakers of the night, reiterating the availability of services for people suffering from the illness.

Third year Vet Science student Ellen James attended the event and told us three messages she took from the night:

  1. Recovery is possible, and the earlier you seek treatment the shorter the recovery period will be
  2. There are lots of support services available, all you need to do is ask
  3. And, it is okay not to be okay!

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf,” a memorable quote from the night reminding us that there is always a way to get better.

Being a student is hard work and sometimes the pressure can get the best of you, but be sure to always look around and you’ll find support. CSU offers support systems to ensure you aren’t going through your troubles alone.

If you’re seeking support, or just want to talk to someone, book an appointment with CSU’s counselling service.

Image source: Matthew Johnstone – “Drawn from Experience”

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