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The best shows to binge-watch

The best shows to binge-watch

Now that the mid-session break is here, us students are free to indulge in all of our favourite activities, spending hours on end doing not much at all, but without the guilt of procrastinating. What pure bliss.

Although the uni break could constitute a good time to be productive, catch up with family and friends, or work on a project that makes you happy, for most of us this time away from studying is just going to be used to rest, recuperate, and do absolutely nothing productive.

That said, there are ways to make the most of your lazy time. To get the best value for your TV-watching time, capitalise on all that time you spend on the couch by absorbing as much pop culture as possible.

Game of Thrones
Seasons: Six and counting
Genre: Fantasy

If you’re a human who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past six years, then you’ve probably at least heard of Game of Thrones. And most likely, you’re one of the avid watchers of the series. If not, you are definitely missing out on loads of pop culture references, solid fan theories, and obsessive watching. This show has a medieval-esque setting, but with loads of fantasy elements thrown in. It has sword-fights, dragons, huge battles, and whitewalkers (think frozen zombies). But there is also a heavily complicated plotline, with politics, plotting, and a nice balance of men and women kicking butt. It really is a show for everyone. Except the kiddies. This is a very X-rated show.

Orphan Black
Seasons: Four and counting
Genre: Mystery / Thriller

Orphan Black is one of those shows that is not as popular as it should be. In the first episode the main character discovers she is a clone, and the rest of the series involves more and more clones trying to discover their origin, keep themselves safe, and balance their regular lives with the complication of being a scientific miracle. This show is very addictive, and although it can be complicated at times, when watching lots of episodes in a row things become much more clear. Plus the cliffhangers and curiosity you are left with at the end of each episode will definitely have you playing the next one. An interesting bonus is that all the clones are played by the same actress, but you could never tell unless someone told you, or you paid extra special attention to the credits.

Seasons: 10
Genre: Comedy

This is a classic. If you’re after some seriously easy watching and 90s nostalgia, then Friends is the TV show for you. The series follows six friends living in New York City. It’s a very simple idea, but each episode is complicated by their jobs, apartments, families and the relationships between each other. The series is balanced by mostly hilarious moments and casual laughs with some seriously heart-warming moments, and with so many series to watch, you will definitely find yourself getting attached to these lovable yet flawed characters. Binge-watching bonus: each episode runs for around 20 minutes, so it’s very easy to justify watching just one more episode.

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