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Study, work and fun – you can do it all!

Study, work and fun – you can do it all!

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Let’s face it. University can be hard sometimes. Not only that, but majority of us are juggling study with working part-time. Then there is the part where we are meant to exercise for half an hour every day, and eat healthy – which can involve a lot of cooking and cleaning. Sometimes it seems impossible to get this done in the amount of time we have each day!

Over my four years of studying at CSU whilst working I have learnt a bit about juggling these and how to prioritise each.


Studying should be your highest priority. Sometimes it’s hard when you have assignments piled up to your head and you just want to quit! My advice is to get organised at the start of each session. I know this sounds so simple but it really does work.

Sit down and work out your timetable, next figure out when all of your assignments are due. I normally write this on a yearly calendar – it’s so much easier when you can look at the big picture (and sometimes less scary). Put it on the back of your door or above your desk! That way you know exactly how long you have until each assessment is due.

Free time

You also need to optimise your free time. Procrastinating is your biggest enemy at uni, and there are times when it gets us all. But making the most of your spare time will really help come exam time when you have to cram 12 weeks’ worth of content into five days!


Working part-time can also be hard, especially if you are rostered on to work the day you have three big assignments due. My advice is to make sure that you tell your boss that you are studying at university so they know you aren’t always available. Maybe even let them know when you have a big assignment coming up, and definitely tell them when you have exams. Optimising your free time is also handy when you have to work. If you’re utilising your time when you aren’t working, then you won’t have to take a shift off and miss out on that extra cash!

Take a break!

Most of all, don’t forget to give yourself a break. Sometimes it’s well-needed to take a day off university and work both to recharge your batteries!

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