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How I juggle motherhood and study

I often get asked “How do you do it? How do you find time to study with kids?” Well, I’m never too sure how to answer that question. I’m not a super organised person, rather I just approach it one week at a time, one session at a time.

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Come and join the Charlie team!

The Charlie team is a safe environment where everyone is supportive and encouraging. We share ideas or suggest topics for others to write. Everyone who contributes comes from different campuses, studies different courses, and are in different stages...

Top tips to plan your timetable!

by Scarlett Hurst and Charize Santiago Timetables are out and we are getting closer to the first day of Session 2! You may be feeling excited about starting but nervous about how to fit study into your busy life schedule. Well, with our top tips you...

students sitting in a row at graduation

Graduation and survival

by Emily Minter I recently attended the CSU graduations in Sydney. My big brother looked so grown-up in his gown. I’m so proud of him. He’s smart too – graduated from the Bachelor of Medical Science, majored in Biotechnology with Distinction. He’ll...

I love chocolate gif.

Snacking at uni 101

I was a terrible snack artist at uni in my early twenties. I had the luxury of buying donuts on ‘Donut Day’, fried rice on ‘Chinese Day’, and pancakes from the college breakfast in the mornings. The list goes on. When I was studying in Melbourne, I...

Five reasons every student should have a part-time job

Whether you’re studying part-time, fulltime or online, scheduling university study in with the rest of life makes for a busy routine. So the thought of throwing a job in the mix can often seem like a bit too much. But having a part-time job while at...

CSU Online Red Runner Gab.

#BetterInRed: Reflections of a Red Runner – Gab

Gabrielle Wilson, better known as ‘Gab’, is the Red Runner for online students and is on a mission to inspire others like her to join #BetterInRed from wherever they are. She’s a pro at juggling work, study and exercise into an already very full...

two students on bungee ride

Study, work and fun – you can do it all!

Let’s face it. University can be hard sometimes. Not only that, but majority of us are juggling study with working part-time. Then there is the part where we are meant to exercise for half an hour every day, and eat healthy – which can involve...

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