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Study boosts women’s success in the workforce

Study boosts women’s success in the workforce

two-thirds of our online students are women

It’s a very old-fashioned and conservative idea for women to be more the type to stay at home, look after the children and do the housework while the husbands or partners bring home the bacon.

It’s becoming increasingly common for women to have a significant role in the workplace – and a degree is a great way to get started towards that career.

The power of the woman is on the rise

Though you may have a busy life, caring for family and carrying out other duties, there’s no time like the present for women to find time to study so you can kick-start or advance your career.

In the workplace, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports women made up 41 per cent of senior executive roles in 2015, and almost 48 per cent in an executive level role, based on data from the Australian Public Service.

These numbers highlight that the female population is increasingly fulfilling senior roles as well. Read on to find out how a degree from CSU can help you achieve your career goals.

Study for success

More women obtained Year 12 qualifications and Bachelor degrees than men

The NSW Government’s 2015 report on women in the state found more women in the workplace wanted to work more hours. This could be due to more women obtaining Year 12 qualifications or Bachelor degrees than men in the age categories of 20-24 and 25-29, according to the Workplace Gender Equity Agency (WGEA).

There is also a wider range of study options available that allow flexibility for other life commitments. Take a look at some of the options we have to help you branch out into a fulfilling career.

Single Subject Study

If you’re wanting to get back into study but you’re not sure about committing to a whole degree, single subject study allows you to choose one or two subjects without committing to a full degree just yet.

It’s an ideal option to help to ease you slowly into further education. The subjects you choose can contribute to a full degree if you decide to go on to enrol in a degree.

Cross-institutional study

Are you studying at another university or at TAFE? If so, branch out and consider picking up some subjects with CSU. You can explore other subjects that will give you credit towards your current degree, and add some diversity to your study.

Online study

Fit in study around your life, rather than the other way around. You can study online from the comfort of home, cutting out time-consuming transport to and from campus. Turn your degree into night classes if needed, when your little ones are tucked up in bed.

Alternatively, if you’re involved in seasonal activities, you can pick up extra subjects in sessions that suit you, and drop back to one subject per session when your schedule is busier.

There are no drawbacks – you’ll receive the same support as on campus students.

There are so many study options available, you’re sure to find a solution that suits you.

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