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The perks of studying online

The perks of studying online

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Whether you’re a fresh-faced student newly out of school or wanting to balance full-time work and study, there are many perks to consider with online education.

With CSU Online, getting a degree can be very similar to on campus learning in that you tune into lectures, buy the same textbooks and complete the same assessments. But those are only some of the perks, and here, we tell you why sometimes, it’s even better than on campus studying.

Read these reasons to find out if online learning is right for you.

You get many of the same benefits as on campus learning

With CSU Online, it’s all from the comfort of your own home or office. You can attend lectures and tutorials in real time, or go back and watch the recordings. No longer do you have to cater your life around study, but rather the other way around.

You’re free to work at your own pace with the same support as on campus students.

To know more about learning online, the video below will explain it all in a nutshell.

You can go to class in your pyjamas

Whether it’s rain or shine outside, you can snuggle comfortably into your favourite armchair in your onesie, wrapped up like a burrito. In summer, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your air-conditioning or even put shoes on to head to class. As long as your mental game is on studying, you’re dressed for the occasion.

You’ve even got the option to study in bed – just make sure you’re productive.

You can fit study into your lifestyle

You can study during the time of day when you perform best mentally, or adapt study to fit around a work schedule or any other commitments. If your job requires you to undertake some education to help with your duties, online study is great to incorporate it into your daily routine. It also gives you the freedom to keep working set hours to benefit your career or help to pay the bills.

Alternatively, getting an education at your own pace also allows you to pursue other interests. This could be sports or other training you are enrolled in. For example, if you’ve got a job where there are seasonal surges, drop your study back to one subject that session, before stepping up your study again when the madness dies down.

This makes online study a good option if you are a parent with young kids, who has to juggle the commitments of a family while working towards your degree. It allows the flexibility for you to put your family first, while still being able to work your way towards a qualification at times when your kids have settled down. You can always bring your laptop out to the park and get a few hours of education in while your young ones amuse themselves at the playground, or settle down at a library computer while they attend a reading session.

There are just a few reasons for you to choose CSU Online when looking at studying in your busy life. An on campus education might not have the flexibility to fit around commitments that are out of your control. Find out what to expect from online study, and it could be just the solution you need.

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