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The Best Ways to Become a Morning Person

The Best Ways to Become a Morning Person

Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast - Oscar Wilde

In all my time at uni, I still haven’t met a morning person. Sure, some of us may get up early, but very few manage it without looking like zombies lugging around textbooks, and I’m certain no one enjoys it. When going to uni though, it’s kind of an inevitability that you’ll eventually have get up in the morning, whether it be at 7 or at 11, and the last thing you want is to be still waking up by the time your class is over. That equals zero learning, and zero participation. Not a great way to be earning those HDs! So here are some hot (and slightly scientific) tips to drag you out of your extended slumber in the mornings.

Check Your Surroundings

Firstly, make sure you’re getting the best night’s sleep possible. We humans do best in dark, quiet places – which means turning off your fairy lights and shutting your laptop so you can catch some quality shut-eye. In summer and winter, pay attention to your temperature, as we all know you can’t fall asleep if you’re too hot or too cold. Your pillows, mattress, and sheet colour can all affect your sleep too. If you’re waking up feeling headache-y or stiff, try adjusting some of those things and your problems may just solve themselves.

Drink Water

If when you wake up you’re still feeling tired, this may be because you’re dehydrated. It makes sense, right? You’ve been lying down for about eight hours (or closer to 10 hours if we’re honest), and you haven’t had anything to drink the whole time. Our bodies are more than 70% water, so if we’re lacking in one of our most essential components of course we’re going to feel a little flat. Just think of water as a magical, awakening elixir. Down a couple of glasses of the good stuff and you could be back to your sparkling self in no time.


Of course, if water doesn’t do the trick, you can always rely on another uni student essential: coffee. Whether it’s brewed in your own kitchen or bought from the uni cafe on your way to class, this last-ditch effort to awaken yourself may just work. After all, it’s the stereotypical drink of late-night workers and early-morning risers for a reason. Just be careful to mind your intake, especially on an empty stomach, as everyone’s caffeine tolerance is different.


To avoid a caffeine overload, and to wake up your brain and your tummy, try to eat breakfast before you head to class. Although you might not feel like eating as soon as you wake up, especially if you’ve been known to skip the most important meal of the day, you will definitely regret it halfway through your lecture when your tummy is grumbling so loud that other people can hear it. Try mixing healthy sugars and carbohydrates, like a banana and some Vegemite on toast, for a meal that peps you up and keeps you alert, full and focused for longer.

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