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The Best and Worst Snacks to Sneak into a Lecture

The Best and Worst Snacks to Sneak into a Lecture

jelly beans
Small fruit jelly beans in many colors.

Uni can wreak havoc on your eating schedule, there’s no argument there. No longer do you have set breaks to eat the snacks you prepared the night before and catch up with your friends. You eat where you can and when you can. It’s a ruthless world in the lecture theatre. Nothing works up a good hunger quite like two hours of sitting completely still while using all your brain power to concentrate and writing faster than you thought was humanly possible. That’s where the sneaky snack comes in. Something to pep you up until you can duck out and get a huge serve of wedges for lunch.

Not all lecturers are the same in relation to how they feel about you eating while they’re trying to teach you, but generally they’d prefer you to be paying complete attention to them. And that’s why you need this stealthy snack guide.


Jelly beans

These sugary delights are the perfect tiny snack to tie you over until the end of a lecture. They’re small enough to hide in your pocket, have no smell, and are almost silent to eat if you keep your mouth closed when you chew.


For when you’re practically starving to death. These babies may not be easy to hide, but they can be devoured with some stealth, assisted by their mostly silent nature, and their lack of offending wrapping or smells. Maybe just go easy on the egg salad filling and the extra mayonnaise.


This is THE snack to sneak in for an early lecture. It is practically impossible to detect, as it can be hidden in plain sight. Easily disguised in a water bottle, this snack is full of fruity goodness that will recharge your batteries and keep you functioning for the rest of the day – or at least until the end of class.



Crinkly wrapper, crunchy  product, crumbly remains. Chips are possibly the worst snack you could take into a lecture. Not only are you pretty much guaranteed to get caught, you’ll also annoy everyone close to you and cover yourself and your work in salty chip crumbs which are near impossible to be completely rid of.

Reheated Leftovers

As nice as last night’s lasagna may seem to you, being forced to sit next to someone who is eating a home-cooked meal is veritable torture. The smell of microwaved food is impossible to avoid, and will definitely start a chain reaction of the tummy grumbles in your lecture room, effectively derailing the entire class to satisfy your hunger.

Barley Sugar / Throat Lollies / Anything Individually Wrapped

Think about this. You noisily unwrap your snack. You noisily suck and crunch on your snack. You noisily stuff the wrapper in the bottom of your bag. Then repeat. Not only is this barely worth the effort for the amount of energy you will be getting in return, it will without a doubt annoy everyone sitting within a two-metre radius of you. And though snacks are wonderful, they are not worth making enemies over.

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