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The Real Uni Essentials

The Real Uni Essentials

Every fresh-faced uni student knows the things that are most important to bring with you when starting uni; your textbooks, a timetable, and a positive attitude. And while the advice given out by teachers about the importance of school supplies, and by parents about how essential it is to wear clean socks is all well and good, there are a few more niche necessities that you should know about.

A Costume

With O Week and uni nights combined, there will no doubt be a million occasions when a costume is required of you. The difficulty is managing to turn up to each and every one of these events looking flawless and on theme, while operating under a uni student budget. The best way to do this is to create multi-purpose costumes, like using a sheet as a toga, and also to become a mermaid, ghost, or worm. Winning ideas.

Magic Pen

No matter how organised you think you are, or how prepared you are in the stationery department, it is practically guaranteed that by the end of session your pencil case with a witty slogan, filled with rainbow highlighters, sticky notes, and three types of fine liners will have transformed into one pen that lives in the bottom of your bag. That pen will be your whole life. That’s why you need to find The One. More important than true love, you will be spending every second of every lecture and every tutorial with this pen, and probably a lot of study time too. Make sure that you two are compatible before you take the big step of bringing that pen to uni with you. Because it will never leave.

Big Pockets

As you relax into the ‘dressing for comfort’ ethos of university, you will soon realise that living in comfort is also important. And that means snacking. It will become near impossible for you to survive a two-hour lecture without needing to eat. That is where big pockets come in. To avoid wiggling your arms under your desk to *subtly* get food from your bag, stash all your best snacks in your pocket, where they can be very easily and inconspicuously accessed.

Pizza Coupons

Universal truth: food is expensive. Universal truth: pizza is the best food for a hungry uni student. Universal truth: pizza is always more expensive than normal boring food. There’s no arguing with those facts. Pizza also has well-known magical properties that allow it to boost moods and bring friends together. It really cannot be rivalled in the hierarchy of food. Only problem is, a pizza usually costs more than you should be dishing out for a late-night feed. This is why familiarising yourself with the local pizza places and stocking up on their coupons is a perfect idea. Three pizzas for $30 anyone?

Pop Culture Clothing

This one is an instant winner, guaranteed to attract exactly the kind of people you want to be friends with. By parading around your favourite band/movie/tv series/book on a shirt/bag/necklace you will become a magnet for people who are just as cool as you are. This is a must have for O Week.

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