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Climate change – are you up to speed?

Climate change – are you up to speed?

We’ve all heard of it and no doubt have an opinion on it. But, what is the current research saying, and what are the predictions being made by scientists about our changing climate?

Former CSU senior lecturer and environment educator Dr Andrew Wallace will unpack the most recent scientific claims circulating on climate change at a free event at CSU Wagga Wagga on Tuesday 22 September 2015.

#Climatechange – What are scientists saying?, is open to all students (and interested staff members), and is chance to join in on the climate change conversation.

The hour-long event includes a chat by Dr Wallace on the ‘real stuff’ being said about climate change, reflections from CSU students on the 2015 Students for Sustainability (S4S) Conference and an open forum for questions.

3rd Year Animal Science student and event MC, Eleanor Steller, was one of two students to attend the S4S conference thanks to support from CSU Green and said participating in the conference was a valuable experience.

“It reinforced how being engaged in sustainability initiatives can deliver a better and comprehensive understanding of how sustainability impacts all industries,” said Eleanor.

And why CSU students need to be part of the #climatechange conversation?

“As students there are a range of opportunities presented to us, getting involved as an undergraduate can inform a student’s thinking throughout their university course,” explains Eleanor.

Whether you think you are up to speed with the latest facts and figures, would like to know more on the subject or are generally interested in topical affairs – come to the #Climatechange – What are scientists saying? event on Tuesday 22 September.

The #climatechange conversation starts at 4pm and is followed by a free barbecue.

Event details:
#Climatechange – What are scientists saying?
Tuesday 22 September 2015, 4pm
CSU Convention Centre, Gulballanna Room, Building 230
CSU Wagga Wagga

S4S Conference
3rd Year Animal Science student Eleanor Steller at the Students for Sustainability Conference 2015 with Christine Milne, former leader of the Australian Greens party
This is an SSAF funded initiative
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