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Sustainable living series: use less

A big part of sustainable living is simply using less. Not only are you likely to save money and time by using less, but you will also look after your health and the health of our planet.  Use less water Water is not an infinite resource. Water...

CSU student studying in a cafe in Wagga Wagga.

Coping With Extreme Changes

This blog is based on information from a book by psychologist and environment scientist, Bob Doppelt and a Deakin University article by psychologist, Dr. Carmel Sivaratnam. In times of global stress, whether it be caused by COVID-19 or climate...

Ryan bends down to pick up a pile of recycling

The importance of recycling (properly)

As ongoing drought, savage bushfires, dry lightning and consequential loss of life, property and air quality devastates Australia, the issue of climate change has well and truly taken centre stage. While impactful solutions have faced ongoing...

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