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The mid year break has arrived!

The mid year break has arrived!

The mid year break has arrived! This session has been a wild ride for all of us, and a well-earned break could not have come any sooner. It’s a long break, with exams finishing on June 19 and on campus classes not commencing again until July 13! Here are a few ideas to keep you busy during the holidays so that you don’t get too bored with all that free time…

Apply for Jobs/Internships: It can sometimes be difficult to juggle working, studying and maintaining a social life whilst at university. Make the most of this 4/5-week break and put your name out there! Track down that killer internship, line up some work experience or just make some extra cash!

Catch up with old friends: When we’re at uni (which for many is a long way from home) we can sometimes lose track of time and lose touch with old friends. Luckily we get generous holiday time at university, making it the perfect excuse to reignite old friendships, swap stories, take selfies and reminisce about the old days!

Go on a road trip: Plan a trip with your uni friends or your old high school mates and go see the world! A good old-fashioned road trip won’t cost a fortune, and if everyone pitches in for petrol will be even better. Pick a destination, whether its Darwin or Dubbo, plan what you want to do there, and get driving! The actual road trip is always the most memorable part.

Spend time with family: Your mother misses you dearly! You might forget this when you’re out on a Thursday night with your mates, but she’s probably the one that transferred that extra $50 to your account this week so you can eat dinner. Uni holidays are a great opportunity to go home, relax and have some quality family time.

Get healthy: Whilst some people might go to the gym and eat a Tuscan kale salad every day, for many of us the healthy lifestyle goes on the wayside. Over the break get active and eat well! Skip the takeaway and go for an ACTUAL run rather than a Macca’s run – your body will love you for it!

Most importantly, RELAX: You have made it through the first half of the university calendar, congratulations! There’s no uni work to carry on with in this break as it’s the end of session, so pat yourself on the back, buy yourself a treat, and just take it easy for the next few weeks, you’ve earned it!

The mid year break begins on June 19 and runs until July 13 – cya in class then!


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