Kev Boyd is a fourth year Education student that recently spent the 2014 end-of-year university break travelling throughout Nepal, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. This man is 21 years old and has never worked full-time – so short of robbing a bank/his parents, how was it possible?

“I worked on average 20 hours per week at my casual job for the year prior and was basically just really tight with my money…it’s amazing how much you can save if you stop wasting money on unnecessary things,” explained Kev.

Kev Boyd in Thailand

Amphawa Floating Markets, Thailand

Seems reasonable, but a four month holiday is extreme, surely it would cost an absolute fortune… “it helps that backpacking in Asia is much cheaper than in Australia or Europe – you can have a filling street-meal for around $2 and stay in a hostel for $8 – so a few thousand goes a very long way”.

Trip highlight? “Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal”.

Kev Boyd in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Region, Nepal

So basically if you want to travel whilst studying, you’ve got to work hard and save harder.

Based on Kev’s ‘stop wasting money on unnecessary things’ strategy, we’ve devised some easy spending cuts for while you’re studying, so you can be on your way to world exploration next summer:

    1. Brand name anything! Fake Vans are (almost) as good as real Vans and cost $75 less than the real-deal. Hit up Kmart for the best look-a-likes!
    2. Eating out. Sure you need to have a social life, but why not have a BBQ and everyone BYO their snags?
    3. Excessive alcohol consumption – lay off the schooners and you’ll be surprised at just how quickly your bank account goes up
    4. Fancy phones/plans that cost a fortune – there’s no need for the latest iPhone, let’s be honest, they’re pretty much all the same anyway. Suck it up with an older phone and you’ll be the one cheering when you’re on the back of an elephant on safari in Cambodia
    5. Walk wherever you can and save on fuel whilst getting fit, win-win!

Happy riches and travels fellow students – keep us posted on your holidays!