5 things to keep you warm on a budget this winter!

We all know what it’s like to feel the cold – so keep your wallet and yourself healthy this winter with some hot money saving tips!

1. Invest in a pair of Ugg Boots. Your toes will be snug as a bug in a rug and cheaper ones will only set you back around $20. These bad boys will become your winter staple.

Animation cartoon character shivering in bathtub

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2. DRINK TEA! Tea bags will set you back only a couple of dollars and then you’re set! Warming from the inside out!

Animation: Hand stirring tea in cup

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3. Buy a hot water bottle. They can go anywhere with you and can be re-used hundreds of time – it’s really an investment!

Animation: Cartoon dog shivering in the snow

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4. Buy a scarf, preferably a BIG ONE! Scarves double as head wraps, blankets, neck warmers and hand mittens. So versatile – so warm.

 Animation: Small dog wrapped in large scarf

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And finally

5. Stay in bed. It costs nothing to stay in bed all day with your flannelette pyjamas on, bed socks and a good movie. Stay indoors and rug up…

Animation: Homer Simpson in bed

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