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The ultimate guide to referencing

To make it at university, we have to know how to reference correctly. Unnecessary marks can be lost because of simple referencing errors, so here is your ultimate guide to knowing what correct referencing is, when it should be used and how to do it...

What’s on your desk?

Many people say that your desk is your inner sanctum, as it is the place where you get the job done. Just because it’s the place where you work late into the night, doesn’t mean that it has to be completely bland and boring! Making your study space...

people with laptops sitting around a table

How to: choosing a new computer

It’s the start of the year and the most common question I see in forums and groups is: what computer should I get? This is a really ambiguous question because there are just so many options! So, here are my tips to make the best decision: #1 What is...

Woman studying online with a young child

The perks of studying online

Whether you’re a fresh-faced student newly out of school or wanting to balance full-time work and study, there are many perks to consider with online education. With CSU Online, getting a degree can be very similar to on campus learning in...

university essentials - glasses, ruler and pens

How to Ensure Your Start of Session is Sorted

The start of session can be pretty overwhelming. You have to get your head around new subjects, new classrooms, new teachers – all while readjusting to uni life. And we all know how hard it can be to tear yourself away from holiday mode...

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