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Queer Screen Film Festival

Living in a regional area and being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community can feel isolating. The Charles Sturt Queer Screen Film Festival was held last week in Bathurst to celebrate a sense of inclusion for all members of LGBTQIA+ community. Charlie...

IDAHOBIT??? What’s That?!

Every year on the May 17, we celebrate IDAHOBIT Day. But what exactly is that? Elijah Fountain explains what IDAHOBIT Day is, what it involves and how we can call take part.

LGBTQIA+ Pride at Charles Sturt University

Living at university as a queer student can be isolating and daunting, and Charles Sturt has made a commitment to support all students as they learn to gain independence while studying. Elijah Fountain talks about his experience with LGBTQIA+ Pride...

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