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Tips on living with mates

Living with your friends can be really great, but sometimes we need rules in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. Alice Cavanagh shares her top tips on living with mates.

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The four types of housemates you’ll meet at uni

Whether it’s in a dorm or in a sharehouse, living in close quarters with other people can be a tricky business, with loads of personalities, schedules, and ideas clashing. After a while, you’ll begin to see that most people slot into one of four...

Roommate Etiquette: Part 2

Living with others may seem simple. Heck, you’ve probably been living with your family your whole life. But the transition from living with your relatives who you’ve known forever, to living with people your age who you hardly know can be more...

Roommate drama? Ain't nobody got time for that

Roommate Etiquette: Part 1

For most people, going to university means a huge lifestyle change. People move cities, states, or even countries to attend uni. Relocating can be a huge step to take, which often means flying the coop for the first time. And it usually also means...

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