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Letter to my high school self

Elijah took a leap of faith and moved away from his small home town to Bathurst NSW to study at Charles Sturt University. Elijah writes a letter to his high school self to reflect on his personal growth and achievements.

University vs. Highschool.

The difference between uni and high school

by Loren Howarth First year: the year that you realise that university is actually nothing like high school. During your time at university you’ll learn how to do your washing, clean up after yourself, set deadlines and drown in assessments all at...

The best is yet to come

Advice to my 18 year old self

By Lauren Picone It was the year 2005, Johnnie was PM, shit was getting real between Ryan and Marissa on the OC, tank tops and denim skirts were in, and MSN messenger and Myspace were considered the height of social media. I had just finished the...

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