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8 Things You NEED To Do This Summer

For those of you who aren't studying Session 3, Summer is the time to start getting stuff done. Sophia McCaughan shares 8 things you NEED to do this Summer.

Setting your health and fitness goals for 2023

There are many ways to set and work out goals to be the best version of you! Isaac Coldicott shares an insightful approach to attaining goals and his personal efforts to achieve in 2023.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

Another year has flown by, and it's getting closer to the stressful time of choosing your New Year's resolution. Megan Seis discusses picking your resolution, and ways to make them more attainable for 2023.

Cupboard essentials you NEED as a uni student

When moving away for uni, you kind of have an idea of stuff you should buy to fill your cupboard. But how much of it is actually good and will benefit you in the long run? Alice Cavanagh shares her list of cupboard essentials you NEED as a uni...

Leaving my bad habits in 2022

New Year's Resolutions are a way for us to rid ourselves of bad habits and start fresh for the New Year. Ada Crain has just finished her first year of university, and has listed the bad habits she will NOT be taking into 2023.

The Origins of Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated every year, but do we actually know why? Megan Seis shares with us the origins of Boxing Day, and how it came to be.

Christian Clubs Christmas – Albury, Wagga & Port Mac

Member of the Albury Uni Bible Studies (UBS) Committee, Marie Knight, shares what UBS has been up to this silly season. Courtney Cooke, member of the Wagga Christian Fellowship, also shares what WCF thinks of Christmas. Keziah McIntosh lets us in on...

Studying outdoors over Session 3

Session 3 is upon us and sometimes this can present the challenging task of motivating ourselves to hit the books and study while our friends are all enjoying time away. However, maybe it's time to change up the session by studying outdoors and...

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