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CSU Red Runner in Dubbo - Jessica Griggs

Reflections of a Red Runner – Jess

Jessica Griggs has spent the past eight weeks as the Red Runner at CSU in Dubbo, inspiring others and motivating herself to be #BetterInRed. Here she reflects on how the challenge has brought people together and why she wants the activities and...

BetterInRed: keep going.

#BetterInRed: The ultimate guide to staying motivated

Congratulations – you’ve come this far on the #BetterInRed challenge! We hope you’ve seen results, improved fitness, met new people and felt the benefits of an active lifestyle. So what’s next? The weather is getting cooler, the evenings are getting...

Enjoying the sun.

#BetterInRed: Five ways to keep stress in check

We all like to think we’re on top of things, but chances are that sometimes being a uni student will be stressful. You might be trying to balance your social life, class schedule and part-time job, or you could be an online student trying to juggle...

BetterInRed - staying organised.

#BetterInRed: The secret to fitting everything in

Uni days are some of the best of our lives and there are so many opportunities to make the most of them. Joining a club or two, making new friends, catching up with old friends, going out on uni night, getting enough sleep, working a casual job to...

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