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Two female students sitting together on couch in university accommodation

Living on campus: A priceless experience

Imagine a world where you can have Taco Tuesday every day and study with your favourite people. Living on campus will give you an all-round experience of being a uni student. Here are some reasons why living on campus is a priceless experience: It...

Colourful accommodation blocks at CSU in Bathurst

5 things you didn’t know about living on-campus in Bathurst

CSU’s Bathurst campus has an extensive range of facilities, and you get access to most of them! Leisure and sporting: gym, basketball courts, tennis courts, sports fields, Ponton Theatre and common areas on all residences Food: Food Bowl, Pulse...

Accommodation buildings at Wagga Wagga Campus

How to choose the best accommodation type for you

What could be better than living five minutes away from classes and with your best friends next door? The answer is nothing really. But moving onto campus for the first time with so many options and pending decisions can seem a bit daunting. So...

CSU on campus accommodation

Moving essentials

by Amy Carlon If you’re a first-year, it’s probably your first time moving out of home, away from your parents. You’re also probably not sure what to take with you. Studying and living on campus for the first time can be overwhelming when you have...

Roommate Etiquette: Part 2

Living with others may seem simple. Heck, you’ve probably been living with your family your whole life. But the transition from living with your relatives who you’ve known forever, to living with people your age who you hardly know can be more...

Roommate drama? Ain't nobody got time for that

Roommate Etiquette: Part 1

For most people, going to university means a huge lifestyle change. People move cities, states, or even countries to attend uni. Relocating can be a huge step to take, which often means flying the coop for the first time. And it usually also means...

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