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Amy Martin

Amy loves to share knowledge and help others learn, and is particularly passionate about all things tech. Amy recently graduated from CSU with a Bachelor in Adult and Vocational Education and has returned to study a Master’s in Business Administration. Amy currently resides in Adelaide, and studies online while balancing work and family commitments. Amy also volunteers with the Australian Institute of Training and Development as a Divisional Councillor. Amy has been working in the IT sector for 20 years and in training and development for over eight years.

people with laptops sitting around a table

Beginners guide to choosing a computer for uni

Whether this is your first venture into university or study, or you are returning after a long absence, one of the common questions asked is “what computer should I get?” This article is a no-nonsense guide to explain the tech jargon and help you...

Inage of the student portal on a laptop

5 cool things you can do in the new Student Portal!

The new Student Portal was released late last year, if you were studying over session three, you might have figured it all out. However, if you took a break or this is your first session at Charles Sturt read on to get the most out of your portal...

Parent and child at laptop

Planning online study when working and parenting

Online study can be perfect to fit around your other commitments such as work or parenting. But to be successful, it requires lots of planning and discipline, so if you are looking at returning to study while working and being a parent, read on for...

a group of people meeting with laptops

Find your tribe: Online groups to join at uni

Online study can feel pretty isolating at times. Unlike on-campus students, there isn’t really a physical place that you can go to congregate with your peers. However, there is a way to ‘find your tribe’ of like-minded students. To start off, find...


How to get the most cash from selling your textbooks

With the new year comes a new study chapter! Maybe you’ve just completed your degree or finished a subject and are wondering what to do with those old textbooks. Here are some tips on how to get the most cash for your textbooks. Find your market...

Seeing double – study with two screens

Have you ever seen those tech-y people with more than one screen and felt a pang of jealousy at their setup? You can have it too! And you don’t have to be a tech genius to do it. Once set up, you can use one screen to display your research material...

Don’t let study become a pain in the neck!

Studying is hard. Let’s not sugar-coat it. It takes time, concentration and dedication. Long hours spent in front of computer screens reading, researching and writing. If you don’t set yourself up properly, study can be a real pain in the neck...

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