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Cambridge University: Add this to your bucket list

Cambridge University: Add this to your bucket list

Olivia & Dr. Jamie Ferrill

Cambridge University comes with an allure and prestige that is known across the globe. Imagine being given the opportunity to attend a study abroad program to Cambridge with Charles Sturt… Olivia Baker did just that and shares her personal experience of residing on campus at Cambridge while absorbing life-long learnings to benefit her future career.

Written by Olivia Baker

Attending the fortieth international symposium on economic crime – a truly incredible experience.

Jesus College

I pursued the study abroad opportunity with Charles Sturt University to expand my knowledge, gather research for my dissertation, and network with industry professionals concerned about the damage economically motivated crime is causing our economy.

The overall itinerary program for each day was created with excellent organisation, allowing me to attend sessions that catered to my personal development, which was a more personalised approach than a generically planned itinerary.

Each session was a brilliant insight to focus on areas where I absorbed fantastic learnings.

In short, several great sessions that I attended included Dirty Money in Canada presented by the genuinely inspirational Dr Jamie Ferrill (The Discipline Lead of Financial Crime Studies and Lecturer of Charles Sturt University), legal and organisational disincentives for whistle-blowing in Japan and Nigeria, and the perspective on digital forensic imagery in the United Arab Emirates presented by Dr Tatyana Gibbs.

The highlight session for me was the phenomenal presentation curated by the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement, the J5.

The session provided me with exceptional knowledge concerning an international collaboration that assists with combating global economic crime threats.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of meeting the Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Taxation Office, John Ford.

Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Taxation Office, John Ford & Olivia.

In conjunction with attending great sessions, I also purchased three books recommended by authors who attended the symposium, and the publications will be a lasting memento from attending the University of Cambridge.

The symposium also provided a fantastic networking platform for me to connect with industry professionals across the globe who share the same interests.

Cambridge University hosted a magnificent feast daily for all attendees, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it was beautiful to meet new people with every meal.

Late afternoon cocktails were hosted in the garden marquee, followed by dinner.

The dinner festivity was an experience like none other; the chairmen’s welcomes, keynote addresses and the many toasts to the king were a joyous traditional English culture appreciation for me to experience.

Dinner festivities

Throughout the symposium, I exchanged contact details with inspiring and leading academics, including lawyers, barristers, Professors, authors and students like me.

Engaging with students was always a refreshing and relatable interaction as it provided me with innovative acumen to strengthen my study pathway.

Additionally, I felt incredibly humbled to be reminded of the fantastic opportunity provided by Charles Sturt University, allowing me to mature my study plan with nothing but greatness to achieve ultimate success.

A highlight interaction for me was meeting Professor Sir Ivan Lawrence KC.

Olivia & Professor Sir Ivan Lawrence KC.

Professor Lawrence has been a practicing barrister for approximately 65 years and a professor at Oxford University, and based on my great conversations with him, he has inspired me to pursue a criminal law degree.

Attending the study abroad program through Charles Sturt University was an incredible opportunity for me to experience, and I would pursue the program again if another opportunity prevailed.

The overall experience was a fantastic insight to travel on my own, reside on campus at the world-renowned University of Cambridge, explore the historic architecture within the town of Cambridge, and most importantly, absorb great lifelong learnings to benefit my self-development, study path, and career journey.

In summary, I recommend the opportunity to study abroad, as the experience is life-changing.

Jesus College

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