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My 2023 goals: Wrapped

My 2023 goals: Wrapped


“It’s important to remember in these moments of reflection that the journey holds as much significance as the destination.”

Written by Victoria Prince

Just as Spotify wraps up this year, it’s my time to look back on the year of 2023 and how I did or better yet how I didn’t at achieving my goals.

Let’s be honest, the total hours listened, and the month-by-month breakdown still have me feeling a bit exposed (cue the eye emoji).

Now, it’s the perfect moment to take a breather and rehash some of the highlights and life lessons!

Degree unlocked

Starting off strong, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve conquered goal number one – the successful completion of my Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology this year. 🎓💪

After a long and challenging 4 years of study, navigating through online learning with the pandemic and various life circumstances along the way, I find myself standing on the brink of graduation, feeling both very proud and immensely relieved to have finally completed my studies.

I am incredibly excited to be able to make a difference in the world as a qualified allied health professional commencing next year.

Maria Chandrasegaran and myself on our final speech pathology placement earlier this year.

Future planning

While the unexpected end of my long-term relationship was the furthest thing from my vision for the year, I ended up with a much better life partner. A 4-legged ball of pure sass, weirdness and absolute joy.

Though getting a dog wasn’t on my list of goals for this year, it’s fascinating how life unfolds, bringing us the things we desire in completely unexpected ways.

Life lesson: If you want commitment get a dog. Honestly, zero regrets even when she’s not on her best behaviour (I mean have you seen that face?!).

Nessie and myself, partners in crime

Forge life-long friendships

Another goal that I absolutely knocked out of the park this year was cultivating strong friendships; even better, I find myself now with unbreakable bonds.

A pleasantly unexpected and transformative realisation for me was discovering that soulmates aren’t necessarily romantic.

I have found more understanding, compassion and connection within my friendships that extend far beyond the romantic narratives that are so inaccurately portrayed in books and movies.

I’m so grateful for the richness my friends have added to my life – creating a tapestry woven with shared laughter, support, and genuine connection.

 My best friend Lucia Flint (also fellow speech pathology student) and myself attending the Charles Sturt University First Nations Award Ceremony in Dubbo

The journey, not just the destination

It’s important to remember in these moments of reflection that the journey holds as much significance as the destination.

The twists, turns, and uncertainties have all contributed to the person I am becoming (character development am I right?).

It’s a journey of progress, not perfection; a collection of lessons learned in moments of challenge, not just triumphs.

Let’s take pride in our resilience.

The classic (and mandatory) ‘graduation’ picture on the Charles Sturt University sign

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