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Do your bit to lift NSW lockdown

Do your bit to lift NSW lockdown

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Become a COVID-19 crusher

Want to make a difference in helping our communities get back on their feet – all while gaining valuable, real world experience?

The Careers and Skills Hub has a wide range of employment opportunities for you.

Become a COVID crusher

NSW Health is currently looking for staff in both clinical and non-clinical roles to join in its network of COVID-19 vaccination clinics across the state. With a goal of vaccinating as many people as possible against the COVID-19 virus, you will receive relevant on-site orientation, training, and education to fulfil a range of duties.

Most positions are relevant to those in the Faculty of Science, with more general positions available to other students.

Snapshot of the jobs board

Vaccination Worker

“To administer vaccine to suitably screened, assessed, and consenting individuals, according to vaccine administration protocol. To redirect any patient with newly identified health concerns back to the screening and assessment officer, prior to or following vaccination, as appropriate.”

Vaccination Recovery AINs & Testing/Swabbing AINs: (Murrumbidgee Local health District)

“2nd & 3rd Year students undertaking Bachelor of Nursing (RN) are able to be employed as an AIN after completion and passing Year 1 (transcript from CSU required), customer service skills.”

Hotline Telephonists: (Murrumbidgee Local health District)

Perform a variety of phone-based and other communication-related services such as answering services, telecom operator functions, and receptionist tasks.

Patient Transport Drivers: (Murrumbidgee Local health District)

“2nd & 3rd Year students undertaking Ba Nursing (RN) are able to be employed as an AIN after completion and passing Year 1 (transcript from CSU required), driver’s licence and customer service skills.”

COVID Marshalls/Way Finders: (Murrumbidgee Local health District)

“You will provide guidance to visitors face to face at several points of the site. This guidance will enable visitors to flow through the site following signage and social distancing practices. The role requires you to reach out to visitors to support them to get to their intended destination within the grounds.”

Administration Officer: (Murrumbidgee Local health District)  

The positions will be responsible for the correct identification and update of client details and maintenance of medical records to support continuity of safe patient care.”

To find out more information or to apply, visit the Careers and Skills Hub jobs board.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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