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Saving Money on Food: The Pasta Guide

Saving Money on Food: The Pasta Guide

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to save money on food and still be able to eat the things that you enjoy. Here is a top three list of easy pasta dishes on the internet that you can make, freeze and cook throughout the week.

Seafood Curry Pasta 

It can seem like an unusual recipe, but seafood curry pasta is a delicious hearty dish. With scallops, prawns, mushrooms, tomatoes and pineapple juice, it may sound absurd but the result is very yummy. When freezing this meal, keep the pasta and sauce separate to the seafood. This will ensure that you have greater control over the cooking process.

Tips on cooking this meal is to cook the seafood and the pasta with sauce separately as each require different cooking times. Serve this dish with chilli flakes or cheese for some extra flavour.

Spinach Lasagne Rolls

Easy to make and even easier to eat! These Spinach Lasagne Rolls are deliciously tasty. With a number of different types of cheeses, spinach, oregano, pepper and tomatoes, this dish presents beautiful rolls for a snack or a meal. Before freezing make sure to cook this dish and place the meal flat in a container so that it freezes evenly.

Chicken and Spinach Penne Alfredo

This meal is easy to make on the go and holds a punch of flavours. With the incorporation of garlic, spinach, pesto and chicken, you cannot go wrong with this dish. Just remember that when preparing this meal to be frozen, cook the chicken and undercook the pasta so that the pasta doesn’t go mushy and the chicken is ready to be heated when you take this meal out of the freezer. This dish can be served on its own or with a side of salad.

Pasta dishes are meals that allows an abundance of options to be inserted into the dish. Search on the web for the above dishes and be rewarded with a number of different variations. Happy cooking!

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