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Tea Tricks to Boost Study Prowess: What Tea Works Best

Tea Tricks to Boost Study Prowess: What Tea Works Best

While we have more time to complete assignments, catch up on readings or finish those last minute learning activities, you might find your attention drifting to other things. As we work on these tasks there is one such trick that can boost concentration, keep you calm and help with memory retention.

What is this you ask? The answer is tea! Tea has many health benefits. However, as our focus is on study today, we will uncover what tea works best to assist you in your studies!

Green Tea

Green tea has a bitter taste. Sometimes drinkers of this tea prefer this taste but it depends upon how it is prepared. Green tea is good to drink if you if you need some help with concentration and memorising key information. There are some studies that suggest that green tea could also help protect the brain as we age.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea has a varied taste depending upon the processing and technique. Oolong tea combines the qualities of black and green teas providing several benefits to boost studying by maintaining brain function. Along with the caffeine that is in oolong tea it can improve mood and attention whilst relieving anxiety. 

Sage Tea

Sage tea is a sweeter tea with earthy notes. Sage tea has been linked to improving brain health, cognitive function, mood and memory. This tea is great to drink whilst studying for its benefits. Importantly, sage tea is best had in between meals.A good tea for those shorter in between lunch and dinner studying sessions.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is one of those teas with a gentler taste, with notes of honey, mellow and an apple sweetness. It is the best tea to have when you want to relax. This tea is commonly known for its calming effects. Use this tea after a long period of study or before bed to have a relaxing sleep, helping you to wake up refreshed for more studying!

As we are all aware there is a lot of information around so if you find that some of the above teas help you with different areas, definitely continue on drinking that tea.

There are many benefits to tea drinking that assist with boosting study prowess. It’s all just a matter of trying the different blends available and discover what works best for you.

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