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Setting Up the Perfect Study Space

Setting Up the Perfect Study Space

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Successful study depends on efficient study techniques and a perfect environment that’s conducive for study. While library and classroom access may have made this easy in the past, during the current crisis I’m sure that some of us are finding it challenging adapting to new surroundings and finding a good space to focus on study.

Have a look at the list below and see what you can implement into your study space:


First of all you need enough space so you aren’t cramped in any way. Being cramped will distract you and unmotivate you to study. Make sure you have ample room for your laptop, books, stationary, water bottle, clock etc.


Make sure you don’t overcrowd your space with the non-essentials. Keep it strictly study related. Your magazines and recreational books, your phone and snacks can all be kept elsewhere.

Natural Light

Libraries are designed to have the perfect amount of light for users, so make sure that you have enough light over your study space. Eye strain can be painful and cause you to lose focus as well as make mistakes. Natural light is the best sort of light so try and set yourself up where you get at least some natural light from a window or doorway. If that’s not possible then ensure that you have enough light from roof lights or lamps.

Fresh Air

Being close to a window serves two benefits: natural light and fresh air. Libraries often have air cons and are well ventilated, so having a good airflow in your environment is necessary. Fresh oxygen supply helps your brain work faster and more efficiently, which leads me to the next point…

A Plant

Having a plant on your desk is excellent for generating clean oxygen in your study space and studies have also shown that having a plant on your desk elevates your mood and decreases stress levels. So if it’s possible to have a little plant in the corner of your space, absolutely do so. My favourites are succulents.

Solid Chair

Swivel chairs seem to be an everyday household essential however they have terrible effects on your posture and joints. A solid chair with a good supportive back has been shown to be better for those spending long periods sitting.

Study safe! 

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