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My tips for setting your online study schedule

My tips for setting your online study schedule

Session 1 is starting in just a couple of days, so it is time now to get your online study schedule in order.

Here are some of my tips to help you stay on track of all things study in Session 1.

See how much time you will need to allocate to your subjects

Getting organised now is the best thing you can do before session starts. Work out what subjects you have in this session and then break down how much time you will need to give to each subject.

Also check out what type of assessments your subjects have and what readings per week are required, then decide the amount of time you will allocate.

Creating your study/life timetable

Once you know how much time you will need for your subjects, you can plan out where and when you will fit study and uni into your life. Making a weekly timetable can be very helpful to set out when you will study, work, and other commitments you may have.

Stick to your schedule!

Now that you have made a schedule, stick to it. There will always be things that come up and changes to plan around but by keeping in a routine it will help you create healthy study habits and make the most out of your study time.

Work out how you study

How do you study best? Different people study in different ways, so it is important to do what best suits you.

Whether it is studying during the morning rather than at night or in the library or at home or by the beach, you need to test out and do the things that will allow you to be the most productive!

Make time for you

In all the studying and uni work and other commitments, it is extremely important to make time for yourself. Whether it is watching some Netflix, going for a walk or to the gym, or hanging out with friends, have some fun and relax after all your hard work.

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