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5 networking opportunities for nursing students

5 networking opportunities for nursing students

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by Jordon Hadfield

When you are at uni, there are always opportunities to network with people within your industry.

If you are a Nursing student, networking can go a long way when looking for the career path you want to follow.

Here are five of the best opportunities out there for Nursing students.


Placement is a requirement, so why not make the most of your time by building rapport with the people you meet along the way?

Have you met someone who has a qualification you are interested in? Ask them questions!

Is there an opportunity within your scope arises? Accept or volunteer for it!

Confidently introduce yourself to people. Be punctual. Show the individuals you are working with that you are professional, confidant and eager to learn.

The Clinical Nurse Educator’s (CNE’s) and Nurse Unit Managers (NUM’s) are excellent references, so make a good impression and if they don’t offer to be a reference for you, don’t be afraid to ask.


An excellent way to get comfortable in the hospital setting is to volunteer in one. Not only will you form professional relationships with NUM’s and department heads, you will also make friends, many of whom are studying nursing or allied health degrees too.

I have learnt so much about the new grad application process and AIN positions from talking to fellow volunteers. If the hospital environment is not for you there are many opportunities to volunteer elsewhere: try CanTeen or Days for Girls.

Work as an AIN

If you are looking to get the fundamentals of nursing down and improve your time management skills, look no further than working as an Assistant in Nursing!

Each organisation has their own requirements, but generally once you have completed your first year you are eligible to apply. Here you will be exposed to an array of health professionals, help with interview preparation and access to library facilities.

The ‘grow your own’ initiative means you will receive training and support from your NUM and CNE’s, that will make you an excellent candidate when new grad applications roll around.

Attend a conference

Conferences are phenomenal for meeting Registered Nurses (RN’s) and fellow students who are on the look-out to build their network.

You will find RN’s looking for people to assist in their research. By applying for sponsorships, you can also network with associations that help nurses receive funding for research and grants for courses.

As a bonus, these can contribute to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. NSW Rural Doctors Network is worth checking out for such sponsorships.

Assist with research

If you are looking to complete post graduate studies, research is a great addition to your application.

It will also allow you to connect with individuals with a wealth of knowledge in their chosen area.

You will have the advantage of learning about research should you choose to conduct your own in the future and you will get to contribute to something that may positively affect people’s lives in years to come.

Finally, if you haven’t already joined the ‘Charles Sturt: Ba Nursing’ Facebook group you can do so here:

It’s a great place to connect with fellow Charles Sturt students who are on the same journey.

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