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Outdoor Activities for the Holidays

Outdoor Activities for the Holidays

During these holidays, shake up your summer experiences be able to share awesome pictures with your family and friends by going on one of the awesome adventures below.

Road trip

What could be more iconic and adventurous than the open road. Do it solo or grab some mates but pick a spot on an old fashioned map and take to the highway.

The classic songs of the 80s, the Maccas drive thrus and the wind in your hair will blow all the stresses of study away.


You can go swimming in your local spot but shake things up, take a kayak out on the lake, lie back and look at the stars as you float down the river.

Tackle the rapids and trudge through the mud, all worth it for the summer high.

Bush dancing

Need something to do with your siblings over summer?

Why don’t you all learn a bush dance or any synchronised dance for that matter. Grab your bluetooth speaker and head out to the paddock or the backyard on one of those warm summer evenings. Douse yourself in Bushman’s spray and get to two steppin’!

Sunset Chasin’

Prepare for some very Insta worthy shots. You’re waking up before dawn to drive to the highest or prettiest landscape in your area.

Cuddling up in the boot of your car with pillows and blankets to watch the sunrise. But don’t forget to live in the moment, snap that one photo then actually watch it rise and wake up the world.

Bubble Soccer

The kits for bubble soccer are pretty affordable and lots of fun. Let’s take your ball game up a level this summer. Keep some hoses ready for after, its a real workout!


You’re probably thinking it’s an overrated activity but spice it up by bringing along some snacks, a good book, or some music.

Do it on your own as a bit of a relaxing activity, leave your phone at home, and spend some time recuperating from a busy year.


You don’t need any fancy equipment to take your younger siblings out and record the sightings of birds. Learn some fun facts about each species and have a trivia game with each other.


We mightn’t have the canyons of the United States but we do hold some of the wildest National Parks and protected areas in the world.

There is a superb canyon hike for Wagga campus students near Griffith.

Bathurst and the Albury-Wodonga campuses are also only a short road trip from the great ranges of the Snowy Mountains and Blue Mountains.

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