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A spotlight on leadership

A spotlight on leadership

by Clayton Mueller

Leadership is a really valuable thing to have, especially when we can learn and develop it at university before heading off into the into the big world with our dream careers.

Charles Sturt University provided me with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about leadership at the 2019 Strive Leadership Conference and from that experience, here are the top three things I learnt about leadership:

1. Anyone can be a leader.

Leadership is not an innate quality – it can be learnt and developed through study and practice.

Thankfully, long gone are the days of burly and bearded men who captivated the hearts of awestruck admirers.

The reality of today is that effective leaders come from a diverse range of genders and backgrounds with only one thing in common – they have put in time to learn how to lead.

2. It’s about bringing out the best in others.

With leadership often comes power and with power comes ego. It is easy to think that leadership is all about you.

However, leadership is merely an opportunity to achieve an outcome for the group. Often an effective leader is rarely noticed.

3. Adaptability over anything.

There are many different styles of leadership, from an all-controlling autocratic to democratic or completely detached laissez-faire.

What makes an effective leader is the ability to evaluate the situation and their group and change their leadership style accordingly.

These three points just skim the surface of what Charles Sturt University has taught me about leadership.

By far, the most important thing I have learnt is that leadership is a skill that can be developed.

By investing time to attend such conferences, studying courses and considering the value of your own leadership, you can develop the traits of an effective leader.

I am definitely glad that I jumped on the opportunity to go to the conference in 2019!

As an environmental science student with a passion for environmental education, I knew that leadership would be a critical skill for me to develop at university.

What ensued from this inspirational weekend included new friends, new experiences and new outlooks on leadership.

I will be definitely be attending at the next Strive Leadership Conference!

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