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The Student Portal is getting a makeover!

The Student Portal is getting a makeover!

Screenshot of new Student Portal dashboard showing menu to the left and personalised content on the right including enrolment details, course progress, financial balances and links to services.

We know, sometimes finding something in the Student Portal feels a lot harder than it should. We’ve listened to your frustrations so we’re giving it an upgrade on Monday 9 December 2019.

We sat down with the user experience team for the project to chat about what we can expect to see in the upgrade and how it will make your studies easier.

1. What was some of the feedback we received about the Student Portal and what have we done to address the issues identified?

There was a lot of feedback and some key themes emerged:

  • New student orientation wasn’t as streamlined as it could be
  • We needed a better function to help students keep organised with their dates and timetables
  • The ability to find information or a system sometimes took longer than it should
  • Course planning and subject enrolment needed improvement

To address this we’ve created interactive checklists. One for commencing students, and one for continuing students:

  • It’s personalised
  • Students can track their progress
  • Some items are locked to communicate the things that become available closer to session

2. How will the Student Portal be personalised?

We’ve kept the existing personalisation and we’ve added more:

  • Current subject enrolment details visible on dashboard
  • Completed subjects and results as well as current subject percentage progress
  • A personalised calendar
  • A personalised checklist for new and continuing students

3. What changes are being made to the overall structure of the Student Portal?

We’ve split the current site into two sites:

  • Your personalised student portal, unique to you!
  • One site where all of our generic content is in one place

We’ve made sure that we don’t bury important links under loads of text so it will be easier for you to find what you need, fast.

We’ve also made sure that the new portal is designed to work super well on mobile, so you can tackle your tasks on the go.

4. How will the update period affect current students?

While we put the finishing touches on the new Student Portal, there will be an outage period from 5am-5pm on Monday 9 December.

Don’t worry: you can still access Interact2 and all your learning resources. Keep going to during the outage period for everything you need to study.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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