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Get involved in student life: on campus

Get involved in student life: on campus

by Rogina Torabinejad

1. Sporting events

Charles Sturt University offers a number of competitive and friendly sporting opportunities that allow students to exercise, socialise and get the most out of their experience at university.

Such opportunities include sporting clubs, ResCup, weekly social sport games and participation in the Eastern Uni Games, which further holds the opportunity to compete at the Australian University Games.

2. Leadership positions

A variety of leadership positions are available across all campuses, for you to actively participate and make the most of your university years while simultaneously gaining experience within leadership and teamwork roles.

This includes being an executive member of a club or society (for example, being the Secretary or Treasurer of a particular sporting club) or a year representative (for example, being the First Year Representative of your course).

These positions can be gained through speaking to the individual clubs or societies and through attending general and annual meetings. The majority of such positions are voted in by general and executive members.

3. Social events

With a wide variety of events throughout the year, such as:

  • Bar Nights
  • Course Commencement Events
  • Various Balls
  • Harmony Day
  • Wellness and Well-being Expo

Charles Sturt University holds an array of opportunities to become involved in social events.

This could be assisting organising the events, helping to set up and pack down or volunteering to help run the event on the day.

Contact your relevant campus Student Liaison Officer (SLO) to find out more about such events and how you can actively participate.

4. Clubs and societies

Each Charles Sturt campus has an array of clubs, societies and associations that cater to a wide range of hobbies and interests.

Such clubs can also be based on the course you are enrolled in, such as the Charles Sturt University Student Dental Association.

Registrations for such clubs can include a number of benefits, including discounted tickets into events or the ability to purchase exclusive merchandise.

Joining clubs is a great way to meet new people and expand your extra-curricular activities, while engaging in things you enjoy.

Examples of clubs and societies currently offered by Charles Sturt include:

  • Social Justice Club
  • Christian Studies Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Orange Pharmacy Students Association

If a certain club or society that you would like to participate in is not currently offered on your campus, you can contact the Student Liaison Officer for that campus to express your interest in starting up a club.

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